Processes of Designs  |  Processes of Project
STEP 1 Business Negotiations: Company Profile Introduction, Work Exhibition, Understanding of Spatial Requirements.
STEP 2 Contracting of Designs: Onsite Investigation, Measuring and Photo-shooting of the Base; Condition Analyses, Signing Design Contracts.
STEP 3 Design Concepts: Presentation of Styles of Space, Proposals of Draft Plans, and Discussions over Spatial Requirements.
STEP4 Planning: Finalizing of Plans, Drawings of Relevant Plans, and Finalizing of Functional Requirements.
STEP5 Facade Designs: Confirming Materials of Facade Design Models, Discussion and Finalizing of Relevant Equipment and Tools.
STEP6 Completion of Designs: Filing of Design and Construction Atlases, Proposals for Materials, Atlases of Equipment Proposals.
STEP7 Construction Drawings: Confirming of Plans and Facades, Confirming of Relevant Materials, and Listing of Construction Projects.